Venus (image: Sabinoparente).Venus is the second planet from the sun.  Its name comes from the Roman god of love – Venus. The planet has no satellites. It is the brightest planet that can be seen in the night sky.

Image: the planet Venus (© Sabino Parente).

Facts About Venus

Distance from the sun: 108.9 million kilometers (aphelion), 107.5 million kilometers (perihelion).

Size:  radius of 6.1 thousand kilometers.

Mass:  82% that of earth.

Gravity:  90% that of earth.

Satellites: none.

Rotation:  243 days (length of a day).

Revolution:  224.6 days (time to orbit the sun).

Surface Temperatures: 400-700 °K.

Surface of Venus

The surface of the planet is covered with large volcanic plains. The planet’s surface is considered young because it has few impact craters. Volcanic activity has shaped much of the planet’s surface.

Temperatures vary from 400-700 °K. The planet has a very thick atmosphere. Atmospheric pressure is 92 times greater than Earth. Most of the atmosphere is carbon dioxide with smaller amounts of nitrogen and sulfur dioxide.

The planet’s atmosphere traps solar energy. This results in atmospheric temperatures that are higher than on Mercury.

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venus the bright planet

Webster Gabiana

Ang Venus at sa ikalawang planeta mula sa araw.

Webster Gabiana

The Venus is in the second planet from the sun.

Ronand Abella

Benus ayisanghiganteng planeta.
Ito ay nag sasala ng pangalan ng roma.
Ang venus ay sa latin na pangalan na pagnanais.

Ronand Abella

The roman god of love is cupid.
Cupid from the latin word ” desire ” affection and erotic love.
Venus is the brightest planet that can be seen in the night sky.
Venus has no satellites.