Starry Night (cc: Wally Gobetz).

Starry Night was painted by Vincent van Gogh in 1889. It is an example of the post-impressionist style of painting. The painting represents van Gogh’s view of a village from the window of an asylum.

Photo: Starry Night oil painting (Creative Commons: Wally Gobetz).

Vincent van Gogh and Starry Night

Vincent van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853, in the Netherlands. In his early years, he worked as an art dealer. In 1881, he began to take up painting and was supported by his younger brother.

The young painter suffered from mental disorders. After a disagreement with fellow painter Paul Gauguin, he cut off part of his left ear. After that, he admitted himself into a psychiatric hospital 1988. In 1889, as his mental stability worsened he was admitted into an asylum.

Despite his mental problems, he continued to paint and develop a unique style of painting. His paintings were bright colored and often depicted scenes from nature and life in the countryside. Van Gogh painted Starry Night during this period of time.

Throughout his career, van Gogh made hundreds of paintings. However, he was only able to sell one. In 1890, the artist committed suicide by shooting himself. In life, he seemed to be a failure as an artist. However, after his death, his work began to be recognized by many as great works of art. Today, some of his paintings easily sell for over 50 million US dollars. And, over a million people visit the Van Gogh Museum.


Impressionism developed in the late 1870’s in France. The style concentrated on broad impressions of subjects rather than focusing on details. Impressionism tended to be symbolic and abstract in portraying the world.

Post-impressionism emerged in the late 1800’s. In general, one can say that it represented many different styles. However, it seems that post-impressionism was usually abstract. The art attempted to portray the artist’s perception of reality, rather than an imitation of the world.

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Webster Gabiana

Halimbawa ng mga post -impressionist

Webster Gabiana

The starry Night was painted by vincent van Gogh in 1889.
example of the post – impressionist .
Now I learned about the starry night.