Uranus (photo: NASA).Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun. It lies in the outer half of the solar system. It is the third largest planet and named after the god of the sky. The outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus are gas giants. Some consider Uranus an ice giant instead of a gas giant. Uranus has 27 known satellites and has a faint ring.

Photo: Uranus with a thin ring (Creative Commons: NASA).

Facts About Uranus

Distance from the sun: 3,006 million kilometers (aphelion), 2,735 million kilometers (perihelion).

Size:  radius of 25.6 thousand kilometers.

Mass:  14.5 times that of earth.

Gravity:  88% of earth.

Satellites: 27 satellites.

Rotation:  17 hours (length of a day).

Revolution:  30,687 days (time to orbit the sun).

Surface Temperatures: 76 °K.

Features of Uranus

The atmosphere of the planet consists of hydrogen (83%), helium (15%), methane (2%) and other gases. The interior planet consists of different forms of ice that includes water, ammonia and methane.

Like Saturn, the planet has rings. Scientists believe that these rings were formed by the destruction of at least one of her moons.

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Webster Gabiana

Ang panlabas na planeta ng Jupiter Saturn Neptune at Uranus ay gas giant.

Webster Gabiana

The outer planet of Jupiter Saturn Neptune and Uranus are gas giant.

Webster Gabiana

Urano at sa ikapitong planeta sa araw.

Webster Gabiana

Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun. The planet Uranus lies In the outer planet half from the planet. The planet Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus are mostly gas giant.

Webster Gabiana

Ang atomosphere ng planeta consist ng hydrogen%83