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Early Learners

Early Learners (c: Otna Ydur).A Learning Family provides basic tutorials for young learners. Topics covered are learning words, sentences and nursery rhymes. Kids develop the basic building blocks for more advanced reading and study.

Learning Words, Sentences, and Rhymes

Popular Video

Bob Marley (source: FreeInternetWallpapers).

Reggae: Bob Marley and the Jamaican Sound

Reggae is a form of music that orginated in Jamaica. It is influenced by calypso, jazz, the blues and African music.

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Balot (photo: Meng).

Balot: Eating Baby Ducks

A balot or balut is a duck embryo in the later stages of development. The embryo is boiled and eaten in the shell. It...
Yeti (photo: Mummy 3).

Yeti: the Abominable Snowman

The yeti is also known as the abominable snowman. It is an ape-like creature that has been reported in the Himalaya Mountains.
Sea Monster (photo: Dave Mathis).

Sea Monsters: Legend or Reality?

Stories of sea monsters have existed since humans sailed to sea. These creatures exist in several forms ranging from giant serpents to giant squid.