Waterspout is a tornado over water (CCA Mark K).

A waterspout developed over Manila Bay during a recent thunderstorm. The waterspout became a tornado when it moved on land over the city of Manila. This event occurred on August 14, 2016. Over 100 homes and businesses were damaged.

Photo: A waterspout is a strong cyclone that develops over water (Creative Commons: Mark K).

Origin of the Disturbance

Thunderstorm clouds gave birth to the tornado that swept through Manila. In turn, the thunderstorm was generated by the southwest monsoon. The monsoon is a seasonal reversal of winds. During the summer months, the southwest monsoon blows to the northeast.

A waterspout was created by thunderstorm clouds over Manila Bay. When the waterspout moved onto land, it became a tornado.

This was not as intense as those that form over North America. As a result, it was described as being similar to a mesocyclone. Mesocyclones are short lived phenomena that can give rise to more intense tornadoes.

A mesocyclone struck Manila in 2012 and caused heavy rains and strong winds. The recently observed tornado damaged a hundred homes and businesses before dissipating.

Video of the Manila Tornado

Video: Weather Disturbance over Manila (source: YouTube).

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Tornado that hit Manila started from storm clouds – PAGASA, Manila Bulletin.


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Ronand Abella

Ang mga malakasna mga hangi ay nag dulut nag patayan sa manila.
At silaay nag mamatay dahil sa mga ginawa ng gamitan.
At hindi na itonag ulit noong 2016.

Ronand Abella

When the thunderstorm clouds hit manila it became a tornado.
When the thunderstorm hits the land that becomes the tornado.
The mesocyclone hit manila before 2012 because of heavy rain.
When the tornado finish it broke 100 of homes in manila.

Ronand Abella

Dati and manila ay na igo nang isang malaking tornado. At ito ay nag damage ng maeaming bahay at maraming manga trabaho.Mabti nang wala mga taonamat tay kasi kung may tao may mamatay ay maraming problema and anting presidebta natin lalo na sa bago nana ang ating presedente.

Ronand Abella

A mesocyclone struck manila in 2012 and caused heavy rains and strong wind.The recently observed tornado damage a hundred homes and businesses. Thunderstorm cloud gave birth to the tornado that swept through manila.

Webster Gabiana

Ang timog-kanrolan tagulan gatiyo ng isang bagyo sa paglipas ng maylila