Timor-Leste's Physical Geography (cc: Nick Hobgood).

Timor-Leste’s physical geography is mountainous. It is part of an archipelago of islands that make up maritime Southeast Asia. This archipelago includes Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Guinea, and the Philippines.

Photo: Timor-Leste’s physical geography includes a variety of sealife (Creative Commons Nick Hobgood).

Timor-Leste’s Physical Geography and Location


Timore-Leste political map (cc: A Learning Family).Timor-Leste is located in the archipelago of Southeast Asia. Although part of the Indonesian chain of islands, Timor-Leste was a Portuguese colony. In contrast, Indonesia was a Dutch colony.

The country consists of the eastern half of the island of Timor, Timor’s Ocussi-Ambeno region, and two nearby islands. These islands are Pulau Atauro and Pulau Jaco.


Timor-Leste is relatively small. It has an area of 14,874 square kilometers. The country is the 159th largest country in the world.



Timor-Leste physical map (cc: A Learning Family).Timor-Leste is primarily a mountainous region surrounded by coastal plains.

The country is surrounded by the Banda, Savu and Timor Seas.

The highest point in the country is Foho Tatamailau with an elevation of 2,963 meters.

Climate and Vegetation

Timor-Leste has a wet equatorial type of climate. The climate has high temperatures and rainfall throughout the year. The dominant type of vegetation in this climate is the tropical rainforest.

Natural Hazards

Timor-Leste is located in a geologically active region. As a result, it is vulnerable to earthquakes and tsunamis. Where mountainous regions have been disturbed, flooding and landslides may occur.

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Ronand Abella

Timor-Leste ay matatagpuan sa kapuluan ng Timog-silangang Asya. Kahit na bahagi ng Indonesian kadena ng mga isla, Timor-Leste ay isang Portuguese kolonya. Sa kaibahan, ang Indonesia ay isang Dutch kolonya.

Ronand Abella

Timor-Leste is a small country that is part of the Southeast Asian archipelago.Timor-Leste is relatively small. It has an area of 14,874 square kilometers.Timor-Leste is primarily a mountainous region.The country is surrounded by the Banda, Savu and Timor Seas.