Taiko drum (Vancouver Cherry CC).

The taiko drum is a Japanese percussion instrument. The drum probably developed from instruments introduced from China or Korea in the sixth century. Today, there are the drum takes on many forms, shapes and sizes. The word taiko literally means big or fat drum.

Photo: Taiko drummers (Creative Commons: Vancouver Cherry Blossom).

Taiko Drum

The taiko drum was used for many purposes throughout Japanese history. The drums were used for entertainment, religious practices, communications, and military operations. Today, taiko performances usually involves a group of drummers. The music may be traditional or have a more modern theme.

The typical Japanese drum has body that is a resonating wood shell. In turn, the two ends of the body is covered with some type of skin material. The skins may be nailed, bolted or tied with rope. Depending on the construction, the sound of the drum may also be tuned.

Video of Young Taiko Drummers

Video: High School Taiko Drummers (source: YouTube).

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Webster Gabiana

Japanic ay maaring ay mag i-play ng dramtotoong makisig na ang mag ito ay magaling

Webster Gabiana

Japanic can play drum very goodly they are so fast to do it