Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Universe

Lagoon Nebula (cc: NASA).

A Learning Family explores the universe. The origin and nature of the universe, galaxies, stars, and other astronomical bodies are explored. Kids develop a basic scientific literacy of the universe within this learning sandbox.

It is suggested that children first read About the Universe as a guide to learning more about the universe.

Index of Articles on the Universe

Recommended Reading

Lagoon Nebula (cc: NASA).

About the Universe

The universe is everything that exists in space. This includes the galaxies, stars, solar systems, and planets. The universe was created by the Big Bang.

Popular Video

Comet Shoemaker-Levy breaking up over Jupiter (photo: NASA).

Comet Colliding with Jupiter: First Line of Defense

A comet is an icy body made up of gases and dust. When it passes close to the sun, the gases produce a visible...

Popular Articles

Ring galaxy (photo: NASA).

Irregular Galaxy: Galaxies in Collision

The irregular galaxy is one of the three types of galaxies. There are spiral, elliptical and irregular galaxies in the universe.
Stars are born in nebulae (photo: NASA).

Life Cycle of Stars: From Ashes to Dust

There is a life cycle of stars. Stars are born, they mature, and then they die. Our sun is a star that is approaching the middle of its life cycle.
Andromeda galaxy (photo: Mironovfoto).

Galaxy: the Largest Object in the Universe

A galaxy is the largest object in the universe. It is made up of billions of stars, dust and gas. The pull of gravity holds a galaxy together.