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The Space Sciences

SpaceSciences (photo: Sabinoparente).

A Learning Family explores the space sciences. These sciences include astronomy, astronautics, astrobiology, astrophysics and planetary science. Kids develop a basic scientific literacy of our solar system and the universe within this learning sandbox.

Solar System and Universe

Popular Video

Comet Shoemaker-Levy breaking up over Jupiter (photo: NASA).

Comet Colliding with Jupiter: First Line of Defense

This YouTube video shows the collision between the comet Shoemaker-Levy and Jupiter. The video looks at how Jupiter helps protect the inner planets from...

Popular Articles

Solar system (image: NASA).

Our Solar System: Tour the Sun and Planets

Visual tour of the solar system's sun and planets. Images of the major planets.
Mercury (photo: NASA).

Mercury: Small but Really Hot Stuff

The characteristics of the planet Mercury are explored. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun.
Stars are born in nebulae (photo: NASA).

Life Cycle of Stars: From Ashes to Dust

There is a life cycle of stars. Stars are born, they mature, and then they die. Our sun is a star that is approaching the middle of its life cycle.