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The Life Sciences

LifeSciences (photo: JohnClare).

A Learning Family explores the life sciences. These sciences include archaeology, biology, botany, marine biology, paleontology and zoology. Kids develop a basic scientific literacy of the animal and plant kingdoms within this learning sandbox. 

Animals and Plants

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Prehistoric Animals Video

A compilation of pictures of prehistoric animals listed from A to Z. Enjoy a slideshow of dinosaur illustrations with background music by Justin Timberlake.

Popular Articles

Harlequin Tree Frog (CCA: Thomas Brown).

Endemic Animals of the Philippines

There are many endemic animals in Philippines. Many of these are only found in that country. Endemic means that these animals are native to a country
Pirahna (source: Piranha3D).

Piranha: Man Eating Fish?

Piranha are freshwater fish found in South America. Although they are omnivorous, piranha are known for their sharp flesh eating teeth.
Lemur Tree Frog (CCA: John Clare).

Chordata Phylum: Class Amphibia

Most Amphibia are cold-blooded, four-legged vertebrates. Their life cycle usually begins as an egg, followed by a larval, then adult stage.