Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences (photo: Pxhidalgo).

A Learning Family explores the earth sciences. These sciences include climatology, geology, meteorology, oceanography and physical geography. Kids develop a basic scientific literacy of the land, sea and sky within this learning sandbox. 

The Land, Sea and Sky

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Supertyphoon Haiyan (photo: NASA).

Typhoon: Deadly Tropical Storms

The words typhoon or hurricane mean the same thing. A typhoon is an intense tropical cyclone in the Pacific Ocean (or hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean).

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States of Matter (image: Edesignua).

States of Matter

There are three common states of matter. These states are solid, liquid and gas. Other states of matter also exist, but they are less common in life.
Day and Night (photo: NASA).

Earth’s Rotation: Day and Night

The earth rotates around its axis. It takes 24 hours to complete each rotation. The earth's rotation is the primary cause for day and night.
Tungurahua is a stratovolcano (photo: Pxhidalgo).

Stratovolcano: the Most Violent Eruptions

A stratovolcano is a large cone shaped volcano. It is commonly found where there is subduction of a tectonic plate.