Sarraceniaceae Botany

The Sarraceniaceae is a family of carnivorous pitcher plants. The pitcher plants have long tube-like leaves. These leaves usually contain a pool of water and enzymes. Insects attracted to the nectar of the plants may be trapped within the tubes. When they fall into the pool of water, the insects are digested.


The Sarraceniaceae are flowering plants. The three major genera within the family are the Sarrecenia, Darlingtonia and Heliamphora.


Members of this family are found in North and South America. Their natural habitat are wetland areas. These areas are typically low in soil nutrients. Carnivorous behavior enable this family to increase access to nutrients for plant growth.

Sarraceniaceae and Humans

Habitat destruction from human activity has endangered the Sarracenciaceae. However, conservation groups have taken steps to protect them with plant banks.

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Ronand Abella

Angganito na plant ay mabangis at mangagat.hilaga at timogng america sila makikita.At hindiito makikita sa ibang bahayan.

Ronand Abella

The plant name Sarraceniaceae is a plant that eats insects.They are also named carnivorous pitcher plants.Their original habitat is in wetland place. And their members of the plant can be seen in the north and south America.

Webster Gabiana

the plant is smils good

Webster Gabiana

the sarraceniacecae is a family