Chuck Berry (photo: Del).Rock and roll has its origins in the United States. It became a form of popular music in 1950’s America. One of the early pioneers of this form of music was Chuck Berry. Even today, his moves and musical style are still influential.

Photo: Chuck Berry an early rock and roll pioneer (Creative Commons: Del).

Rock and Roll Origins

Rock and roll music has its origins in the early 1950’s in the United States. It was a blend of Black-American and Country and Western music. Although its roots go back to the 1920’s, rock and roll emerged as its own form of music in the 1950’s. It became part of the popular music scene and appealed to young Americans of all racial backgrounds. The rock and roll sound soon spread into the international scene and became popular in Britain.

Chuck Berry Performing Johnny B. Goode

Video: Chuck Berry sings Johnny B. Goode (source: YouTube).

Chuck Berry and Johnny B. Goode

Chuck Berry was an American songwriter and musician. His music evolved out of rhythm and blues and found popular appeal among young Americans in the 1950’s. His first big hit was ‘Maybelline’ in 1955.

Johnny B. Goode was first recorded in 1958. Chuck Berry wrote and performed the vocals and lead guitar. The song rose to #8 in the Billboard Hot 100 hits.

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Ronand Abella

Ang musica ni Chuck Berry ay nag bago sa rito.

Ronand Abella

The music of Chuck Berry is evolved in rhythm.