Therapod Dinosaur Biology

The Therapod dinosaur was a bipedal and carnivorous creature. It appeared about 230 million years ago. They became extinct about 66 million years ago. Although most were carnivores some species were herbivores or ominvores. It is thought that modern birds evolved from these Therapods.

Therapods possessed sharp serrated teeth for ripping flesh. Therapods were typically covered with scales. However, some species possessed feathers. Today, the ostrich is the largest living Therapod. However, the largest prehistoric Therapods were much larger. The largest weighed in at over 20 tons and were up to 18 meters in length.

Therapods stood on two feet and their forelimbs were often shortened. The word Therapod means ‘beast footed’.


Therapods are considered true dinosaurs and belong to the clade Dinosauria. Modern birds are thought to have evolved from one of the Therapod branches.


Therapod fossils have been found around the world. Most were terrestrial land animals, but a few were semi-aquatic and arboreal.

Therapod Dinosaurs and Humans

The Therapod dinosaurs lived between 66 and 230 million years ago. About 66 milliion years ago, an extinction event destroyed most of the Therapods.

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The Dinosaurs apper in 230 year ago million year ago .


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the therapod dinosasur was a bipedal and carnivorous