Mammalia Biology

Mammals are warm-blooded. In contrast to a cold-blooded animal, the mammal’s brain control their body temperature.  Mammals also have hair and mammary glands. In addition, most mammals have seven cervical vertebrae, lungs for breathing, a neocortex in the brain, and have live births.

Mammals may be carnivores (meat-eaters), herbivores (plant-eaters) or omnivores (eat plants and animals).


Mammals belong to the phylum Chordata. Mammals can be broken down into three major groups:

  • Monotremes: egg laying mammals (e.g. platypus and echidna).
  • Marsupials: pouched animals (e.g. kangaroo and wallaby) with short gestation times.
  • Eutheria: the placental animals (e.g. whales, elephants, rodents, apes, hooved animals) with long gestation times.

There are about 4,200 mammal species today.


They live in a wide variety of environments. This includes living on land, in the water, in trees, and in the air. They are found in hot tropical and cold polar ecosystems.

Mammalia and Humans

Humans are mammals. The non-human mammals are of importance to the human species. These other mammals are an important source of food. For some human societies they are also an important source of farm labor or transportation.

Many mammals have been domesticated. Dogs and cats are also important as pets to humans. Pets provide companionship to humans.

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Hall of Mammals, UC Berkeley.


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Ronand Abella

Ang mga hayop na may gulugod.
Ito ay nag aalam kasi sila ay hindi bihira.
Angmga ito din aynag aalam na ganutin tayo.

Ronand Abella

Mammalia is in the kingdom of Animalia.This is the cart of the ”kingdom of Animalia”.
1. Mammalia
2. Reptiles
3. Birds
4. fish
5. Amphibians
Vertebrates – animals this is the animal’s that have a backbone.
Invertebrate -This animal had no backbone and only 5% of animals that have this.

Webster Gabiana

Mammal are warm , boolded, have hair and mammary glands.

Webster Gabiana

animals are good

Ronand Abella

mammal ay maaaring maging carnivore herbivore at omnivore.