Paranormal (photo: Neil Howard).The paranormal are events that cannot be explained by scientific knowledge. Science does not accept paranormal events as reality. However, people around the world have a wide range of beliefs in the paranormal.

Photo: Ghosts and haunted homes are paranormal beliefs (Creative Commons: Neil Howard).

What Kinds of Paranormal Things do People Believe in?

There is a wide range of things that people believe in that are paranormal. The following is a general list of things falling in this category.

Human-like Beings: This category includes such things as ghosts, spirits, reincarnation and poltergeists. These are thought to be the spirit or soul of a person who has died.

Non-Human Beings: This is a very large category that includes a wide variety of entities that people believe in. This includes beings such as angels, demons, fairies, Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster, sea serpents, leprechauns, unicorns, vampires and werewolves.

Alien Beings: Another worldwide belief involves the existence of UFO and aliens. A UFO is an unidentified flying object. These UFO’s are commonly called flying saucers. Some have claimed that aliens were responsible for the rise of civilizations. Others believe in alien abductions.

Psychic Power: A fourth category of paranormal beliefs involves powers of the human mind. Some people believe in mental powers such as extrasensory perception, clairvoyance, telepathy, and telekinesis.

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On the Various Types of Supernatural Entities and Manifestations, Stranger Dimensions.


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Webster Gabiana

Ang Paranormal ay ang lahat ng patay na tao doon.

Webster Gabiana

The Paranormal had all the dead people there. people around the world have a wide range of beliefs.Science does not accept the Paranormal.

Ronand Abella

Ang mga ganito ay mahirap maalam.
Dapat ito ay ingatan at hindi gagawin.
kung hindi ganyan ka na talaga.

Ronand Abella

The paranormal is when people gets crazy because they are being controlled; by something.
Paranormal is when people uses things that are not good like uiji.
When people are possessed they change their attitude and changes emotions.
Some people believe in mental powers example extrasensory perception, clairvoyance, telepathy, and telekinesis.

Ronand Abella

Ang tao minsan ay nag papatay dahil na patay na buhayna amow.Ang inangtao din ay nag pasakripisyosa mga tao dapat sila ay nag aawayan sa multo.
Ang paranormal ay makapatay tulad ng mag patay nang mang ato.