Papua New Guinea physical map (cc: A Learning Family).The Papua New Guinea physical map is provided. The physical map displays the major landforms and bodies of water of Papua New Guinea.

Major landforms include mountains, plains, plateaus and rivers. Major bodies of water include oceans, seas, bays and lakes.

Map: physical map of Papua New Guinea (Creative Commons: A Learning Family).

Click on the map to see a full-sized image of the country.

Features of the Papua New Guinea Physical Map

Bodies of Water

  • Bismarck Sea
  • Coral Sea
  • Gulf of Papua
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Solomon Sea
  • Torres Strait

Major Landforms

  • Aramia River
  • Bougainville.
  • Central Range
  • D’Entrecasteaux Islands
  • Eastern Highlands
  • Finisterre Range
  • Fly River
  • Louislade Archipelago
  • Manus Island
  • New Britain
  • New Ireland
  • Owen Stanley Range
  • Ramu River
  • Sepik Ariver
  • Solomon Islands
  • Southern Highlands

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