Ring galaxy (photo: NASA).The irregular galaxy is one of the three types of galaxies. There are spiral, elliptical and irregular galaxies in the universe. Irregular galaxies do not have a set shape. They are created when two galaxies affect each other when they are close to one another.

Photo: The ring galaxy is an irregular galaxy (source: NASA).


Irregular galaxies have many different shapes. Their unusual shapes are often the result of two galaxies interacting with one another. The gravitational pull of the two galaxies distort one another.

Age and Color

There is no set pattern with the age of this galaxy. Some irregular galaxies are young. Others are much older.

Because their ages vary, irregular galaxies do not have a set color. In contrast, young spiral galaxies are usually blue. And, older elliptical galaxies are usually red.

Ring Galaxy

One type of irregular galaxy is the ring galaxy. Ring galaxies are formed when a small galaxy passes through a large galaxy. The gravitational interaction distorts the shape of the two galaxies.

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Genuine Irregular Galaxies as a Relic of Building Blocks of Galaxies.


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Ronand Abella

Ang ating galaxyay isang malaki.Angmgataoay nagsasabi and irregular galaxyat isangalaxyna dalawa nag didikit.Kaya ito angmga resulta sa mga ito.

Ronand Abella

You can tell whether the irregular is old of new by its color blue is for young spiral galaxies and red is for the old spiral galaxies. The spiral galaxies are created when two galaxies are very close to one another.Irregular galaxies do not have certain shapes.

Webster Gabiana

Natutu na ako

Webster Gabiana

I learned that the galaxies has three types of galaxy are one is spiral, two elliptical,
and three is irregular.I learned that some galaxy are no shape.Now I learned about the Irregular galaxy.

Webster Gabiana

Irregular galaxies have no set shape or color.