The human brain (photo: Allan Ajifo).The human brain is the control center of the body’s nervous system. It is located in the head and surrounded by a skull that protects the brain. The brain is made up of over 100 billion nerves that communicates and controls the rest of the body.

Photo: The human brain (Creative Commons: Allan Ajifo).

Parts of the Brain

The brain can be broken down into three main parts. These parts and the cerebrum, cerebellum and medulla.

Cerebrum: is the largest part of the brain. It is also located at the top of the brain. The cerebrum is responsible for thinking and voluntary movements. The cerebrum is divided into a left and a right hemisphere.

Cerebellum: is a smaller part of the brain located at the back of the skull and below the cerebrum. The cerebellum is responsible for motor control (coordination of balance and movement) of the body.

Medulla: is located between the spinal cord and the brain. It is sometimes called the brain stem. It is responsible for involuntary (autonomic) movements such as sneezing, the heart beat, and breathing.

Brain Parts and Functions Video by MakeMeGenius

Video: The human brain (source: YouTube).

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Webster Gabiana

Ang natutuhan ko ay sa basahan

Webster Gabiana

I learned that brain are important because if u don’t have any brain u can’t think, & learned. I learned that brain are the second important.Now I learned about the story.

Ronand Abella

Ang ating utak ay nahati nag tatlong bagay is ay binakamalaki at ang dalawa nanman ay binaka maliit at ang ka atlo ay ang utak ugat . Ano man ang naisip nandiyaanb lamang yan sa utak.Ang ating utak ay isang parte na nad iisipa t nag bigay nang ano ang gawing nang isang katawan mo para magin istansya..

Ronand Abella

Are brain is a most important part of our human body.
they are three parts in are brain it is Cerebellum, Cerebrum , and Brain stem.
The Cerebrum is the biggest part of our brain, Cerebellum is the smallest part of our brain, and the last one is the medulla or he can call it brain stem.

Ronand Abella

Ang ating ulu ay isang pang sip lamang. Ito ay dapat gamitin nang dapat itong igamit.ito ang pinaka maka importante naparte sa ating katawan kung wala ito ano ang ating ma isip dapat talaga kailang an natin ito at dapat natain ingatan.