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The Human Body

Anatomy (photo: Todd Lappin).

A Learning Family explores the human body. The structure of the human body from systems to organs is explored. Kids develop a basic scientific literacy of human biology within this learning sandbox. 

Human Body and Diseases

Popular Video

The human brain (photo: Allan Ajifo).

Human Brain: I Think, Therefore I Am

The human brain is the control center of the body's nervous system. It is located in the head and surrounded by a skull that protects the brain.

Popular Articles

Circulatory System (Maryna Melnyk).

Circulatory System: the Body’s Transportation Network

The circulatory system is a network of organs and vessels. This network transports blood, oxygen, nutrients, gases and hormones throughout the body.
Heart (photo: Patrick J Lynch).

Exploring the Heart Video

A short video that explores the structure and function of the heart. It demonstrates the role of the heart in the body's circulatory system.
Blood Cells (photo: Wellcome Images).

Blood: Good Blood In and Bad Blood Out

Blood is a fluid that contains red and white blood cells, platelets and plasma. The most important job of blood is to carry oxygen to your body's tissues.