Hula (photo: John Watson).Hula is a form of dance which was developed in the Hawaiian Islands. The dance is a visual representation of a spiritual chant or song.

Hula Kahiko is the traditional for of early hula. This form of the dance uses chants and traditional music instruments. Hula ‘Auana is the more modern version of the the dance. This form of the Hawaiian dance makes use of popular music and modern music instruments.

Image:  Hawaiian dance and costume (photo: John Watson).

Hula Performance

Video: Hula Halau O Kamuela (source: YouTube).

What Costumes are Worn with this Hawaiian Dance?

In ancient times, women simply wore skirts and went topless. In post-missionary times women are now clothed with skirts and tops or a dress. Men will wear a shirt and pants, a skirt, or a malo. A malo is a piece of cloth wrapped around the man’s waist.

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Hula of Hawaii, Go Hawaii.


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