TutorialrealinemediaA Learning Family is based on three basic principles. The first is active learning that creates opportunities for students to learn by doing. The second is parental engagement which requires a parent to be engaged in a student’s learning. The last principle is an emphasis on discovery and exploration rather than instruction.

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Active Learning: most students learn best by doing things. In A Learning Family, students engage in activities that develop the most basic learning skills:

  • Developing Listening and Speaking Skills

    Install Natural Reader on Internet Explorer. Students will then be able to listen to selected text and then speak the text out loud.

  • Developing Reading and Writing Skills

    Students activities are concentrated on reading materials then writing comments in articles, My Quests (forum) and My Activities (activity board).

Parental Engagement: without spending a great deal of time teaching my kids, I try to interact with them through short responses on their comments.

  • Coaching

    Interact with your child to encourage and coach them through their learning experiences. Interaction makes learning more relevant and keeps the family engaged in a child’s education.

  • Set the Level of Interaction

    Depending on your child and your preferences, select the rigor of the interaction. Interaction can be light and supportive. Or, it can be much more instructive. The parent decides.

Exploration and Discovery: A Learning Family creates an environment that supports student driven exploration and discovery of knowledge rather than a set curriculum.

  • Building Cultural Literacy

    Cultural literacy is a child’s knowledge of the broader world. It includes knowledge relevant to one’s own culture and other cultures. Cultural literacy provides the foundation for learning new things.

  • Contextual Learning

    Learning occurs when students can create meanings based on their own experiences and knowledge. A Learning Family helps broaden this learning context in the areas of civilization, geography, history and the sciences.


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Ronand Abella

Itong site na ito ang maka tulung sa atin. Mag basa at mag tutu marami tayu malaman dito .Ang hindi natin alam na mamga gamit ay na ndaan lamang yan.

Ronand Abella

Activeate learning; Most children learn by doing things but this site is a basic learning how to speak properly how to say the word and learn new words.
Parental Engagement; Without spending a great deal of time teaching my kids i try to interact with them throught short responces on their comments.
Exploration and discovery’; Alearning is not just reading word and under stand we discover some thing that we did not discovered at home.

Ronand Abella

learning family is the work in he house that you learn in school and to learn other that you didn’t no like tsnami