Elliptical galaxy (photo: Caltech).The elliptical galaxy is an older galaxy. It tends to be filled with older red stars. This galaxy often has a reddish color. The elliptical galaxy has much less dust and gas than a spiral galaxy. As a result, there is little material available to make new stars.

Photo: Elliptical galaxy (Creative Commons: Caltech).


An elliptical galaxy is less bright than the younger spiral galaxy. It also lacks the long spiral arms where stars are being formed. This type of galaxy is older with little dust and gas available for the creation of new stars.

Shape and Color

Elliptical galaxies have an ellipsoid shape. They range in shape from a round sphere to a flattened one.  These galaxies are filled with older red stars. As a result, they usually have a reddish color.


It is thought that elliptical galaxies are created when two galaxies collide and combine with each other. A super large black hole is thought to exist at the center of an elliptical galaxy. This black hole limits the formation of new stars.

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Centaurus A — New Insight to an Odd and Massive Elliptical Galaxy.


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Ronand Abella

Ang elliptical galaxy ayisang manga matanda na mgabitwin na pulasalangit.Ito ay dalawanggalaxy na nag dikit at gumawa nangisa.At magawa nila ito masmarami and mga bitwin sa atingmundo.

Ronand Abella

The elliptical galaxy is filled with red old stars.The are only less dust and gas in the elliptical galaxy to make a new star.An elliptical galaxy is created when two galaxies combine with each other.This black hole limits the formation of new stars.

Webster Gabiana

planet are the best

Webster Gabiana

the elliptical galaxy