Echinodermata Biology

The phylum Echinodermata is made up of spiny skinned sea creatures. These include sea lillies (crinoids), starfish, sea cucumbers and sea urchins. Animals in this phylum have radial symmetry. All Echinoderms are marine animals.

Echinoderms have a skeleton made up of a calcium material. These materials may form plates or spines. The calcium materials have a sponge-like structure which makes the plates strong, but light in weight.

They possess a body cavity that contains a water vascular system. This interal system of vessels are involved in respiration, eating, sensing the environment and movement. Many have a simple gut that passes food from mouth to the anus.

Many echinoderms also have the ability to regenerate. They may regenerate lost arms or even internal organs. Reproduction may be sexual or asexual.


The phylum of Echinodermata can be broken down into three main sub-phyla. These would be the starfish, sea urchin and crinoid types of echinoderms.


Most echinoderms are benthic creatures. They live primarily on the sea floor. Members of this phylum can be found in marine environments all over the globe. They may live in shallow coastal waters or be found at the bottom of deep-sea ocean trenches.

Humans and Echinoderms

Sea cucumbers and sea urchins are part of the diet in Southeast Asia. They are considered delicacies in that part of the world. In other countries, they are not part of the diet at all.

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Starfish, Sea Urchins and Allies,


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Ronand Abella

Echinodermata are the animal that is invertebrates.
And it belongs in the eight other invertebrates.
1.) Porifera
2.) Cnidaria
3.) Platyhelminths
4.) Nematoda
5.) Annelida
6.) Mollusks
7.) Echinodermata
8.) Arthropoda
This is the invertebrates that live’s in water and land.
Marine is produced by the sea.

Webster Gabiana

ngyon ko natutunan ang tungkol s mga isda sa dagat.

Webster Gabiana

A sea fish is an animal creature like an octopus but they are small.
A sea fish looks like a baby octopus they only have four or five.
Now I learned about the sea fishes.

Webster Gabiana

many sea stars in the sea

Webster Gabiana