Denmark physical map (cc: A Learning Family).The Denmark physical map is provided. The physical map displays the major landforms and bodies of water of Denmark.

Major landforms include mountains, plains, plateaus, and rivers. Major bodies of water include oceans, seas, bays, and lakes.

Map: physical map of Denmark (Creative Commons: A Learning Family).

Click on the map to see a full-sized image of the country.

Features of the Denmark Physical Map

Bodies of Water

  • Arhus Bay
  • Baltic Sea
  • Fakse Bay
  • Jammer Bay
  • Kage Bay
  • Kattegat Bay
  • Kiel Bay
  • North Sea
  • Skaggerak Strait

Major Landforms

  • Als
  • Bornholm
  • Falster
  • Funen
  • Gudena River
  • Jutland Peninsula
  • Langeland
  • Lolland
  • Mollehoj
  • Mon
  • Samso
  • Skern River
  • Stora River
  • Varde River
  • Zealand

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Webster Gabiana

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