Gin Lee (photo: Gin Lee Website).Gin Lee is a Malaysian singer who is a rising star in CPop or Canto Pop (Cantonese popular music). CPop is performed in the Cantonese language, but its style is international.

CPop is influenced by jazz, rock and roll, and rhythm and blues. Like KPop and PPop, the music style has roots in Western music. However, the music is shaped by its own unique Asian culture and has begun to develop its own special character.

Photo: C Pop singer Gin Lee (source: Gin Lee website).

Canto Pop and Gin Lee

Video: Gin Lee performs First Date (source: YouTube).

More About Gin Lee

Malaysian born Gin Lee was born Li Hsing Ni. Her English name is Jeannie Lee. Today, she is known as Gin Lee. She is of Chinese ancestry and speaks Chinese, Malay and English. Gin Lee is one of the new talents emerging in CPop or Canto Pop.

Gin Lee was born in 1987 in Malaysia. Her parents are entertainers in Malaysia and influenced her early musical development. At the age of 18, she received numerous awards in Malaysia’s Universal Music Composition competition.

In 2007, Gin Lee graduated with degrees in vocal music and arrangement from ICOM. In 2009, she released her first album, “One and Only.” That album was a finalist in the best local Chinese album award in the 17th Malaysian Music Industry Awards. Gin Lee also won the bronze award for the ‘best new artist’ from the Entertainment Association Awards.

She released her second album in 2011. That album was titled ‘Here I Come’. In 2012, she released her third album, ‘Gin Lee Falling in Love.’

Professional Rise in China

Although she is from Malaysia, Gin Lee’s works are emerging out of Hong Kong. It is part of the CPop phenomenon that is popular in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Sometimes CPop is criticized for being a bland imitation of Western music. However, the music style has slowly developed its own sound and unique Asian talent.

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