Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Society for Kids

Society (photo: Klara Vlasakova).

A Learning Family explores modern society. How a society earns an income, governs, and its beliefs are explored. Kids develop a basic cultural literacy of how civilizations work within this learning sandbox. 

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Yeng Constantino

PPop: Yeng Constantino Sings Lapit

Yeng Constantino is a popular PPop singer made popular in the Philippines and Asia by songs such as Lapit.

Popular Articles

Branches of Government (photo: Wikipedia).

Branches of Government: What They Do

The government of the United States has three branches of government. The purpose of these three branches is to separate powers in government.
Terrace agriculture (photo: Klara Vlasakova).

Terrace Agriculture: Farming in the Mountains

Terrace agriculture can be found throughout the world. In Asia, rice terraces are common in extremely mountainous areas.
Rice paddy agriculture (photo: Bianca Polak).

Rice Paddy Agriculture: From China with Love

Rice paddy agriculture is the most common way of growing rice in Asia. A rice paddy is a field that is flooded for rice cultivation.