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Society for Kids

Society (photo: Klara Vlasakova).

A Learning Family explores modern society. How a society earns an income, governs, and its beliefs are explored. Kids develop a basic cultural literacy of how civilizations work within this learning sandbox. 

Popular Video

Psy (photo: Billboard).

KPop: Psy and Gangnam Style A Billion Served

KPop has become one of the most popular forms of music over the Internet. KPop is short for Korean popular music. This did not happen overnight.

Popular Articles

Branches of Government (photo: Wikipedia).

Branches of Government: What They Do

The government of the United States has three branches of government. The purpose of these three branches is to separate powers in government.
Terrace agriculture (photo: Klara Vlasakova).

Terrace Agriculture: Farming in the Mountains

Terrace agriculture can be found throughout the world. In Asia, rice terraces are common in extremely mountainous areas.
Rice paddy agriculture (photo: Bianca Polak).

Rice Paddy Agriculture: From China with Love

Rice paddy agriculture is the most common way of growing rice in Asia. A rice paddy is a field that is flooded for rice cultivation.