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Pyramids (photo: Yasin Hassan).

Civilization for Kids

Explore the basic elements of human society. Discover how systems of beliefs, production, consumption, government and entertainment make a civilization unique.

BELIEFS: what civilizations believe to be true about their world.

ECONOMIES: how civilizations produce goods and services for their people.

FOODS: how civilizations prepare and consume food.

GOVERNMENT: how civilizations create and enforce laws for protection.

PERFORMING ARTS: how civilizations share ideas through performances.


Bob Marley (source: FreeInternetWallpapers).

Reggae: Bob Marley and the Jamaican Sound

Reggae is a form of music that orginated in Jamaica. It is influenced by calypso, jazz, the blues and African music.


CPop: Gin Lee Emerges in China

Gin Lee (photo: Gin Lee Website).
Gin Lee is a Malaysian singer who is a rising star in CPop or Canto Pop (Cantonese popular music). CPop is performed in the Cantonese language.