Central Asia physical map (cc: A Learning Family).The Central Asia physical map is provided. The physical map displays the major landforms and bodies of water of Central Asia.

Major landforms include mountains, plains, plateaus and rivers. Major bodies of water include oceans, seas, bays and lakes.

Map: physical map of Central Asia (Creative Commons: A Learning Family).

Click on the map to see a full-sized image of the region.

Features of the Central Asia Physical Map

Bodies of Water

  • Aral Sea
  • Caspian Sea
  • Lake Balkhash

Major Landforms

  • Alay Mountains
  • Altai Mountains
  • Amur River
  • Caspian Depression
  • Ertis River
  • Karakum Desert
  • Kazakh Uplands
  • Kopetdag Range
  • Pamirs Mountains
  • Syr Darya River
  • Tarbagatay Mountains
  • Tien Shan Mountains
  • Turan Lowland
  • Turkestan Mountains
  • Ural Mountains
  • Ustyurt Plateau
  • Volga River
  • Zhayyq River

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