Pagan Temples (photo: Benjamin Jakabek).Burma’s historical timeline displays key dates in the history of the country. These were major events that transformed the country significantly.

Photo: Buddhist temples built during the Pagan Kingdom era (Creative Commons: Benjamin Jakabek)

Burma's Historical Timeline

11,000 BC

First Settlements: near Irawaddy River.

8000 BC

Domestication: of plants and animals. Use of Stone Age tools.

500 BC

Iron Age: settlements using bronze and iron technologies.

200 BC

Pyu Empire: evolves from city states established along Irawaddy River.

1 AD


Pagan Kingdom: begins re-unification of the region after fall of Pyu Empire. Introduction of Buddhism.


Mongol Invasion: results in the collapse of the Pagan kingdom which is broken up into smaller kingdoms.

1400 AD


Toungoo Kingdom: reunifies the region and establishes a large empire.

1600 AD


Konbaung Dynasty: emerges after the fall of the Toungoo Kingdom.

1800 AD

1824, 1852, 1885

Indian Province: Three Anglo-Burmese wars result in the annexation of Burma by Britain. Burma becomes a province of India.


Anti-colonial Protests: a series of strikes which protest colonial rule begin.


Independent British Colony: Burma is separated from India, but remains a British colony.


Japanese Rule: Japan invades Burma during WWII.


British Military Rule: the surrender of Japan results in the establishment of a British military government.


Independence: the country becomes independent, but is torn by insurgency movements.


Socialist State: is established after a coup overthrows an unstable government.


Martial Law: is declared as civil unrest places the country on the verge of a revolution.

2000 AD


Constitutional Reform: a constitutional referendum is held that brings gradual democratic reform.


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