Burma physical map (cc: A Learning Family).The Burma physical map is provided. The physical map displays the major landforms and bodies of water of Burma.

Major landforms include mountains, plains, plateaus, and rivers. Major bodies of water include oceans, seas, bays, and lakes.

Map: physical map of Burma (Creative Commons: A Learning Family).

Click on the map to see a full-sized image of the country.

Features of the Burma Physical Map

Bodies of Water

  • Andaman Sea
  • Bay of Bengal
  • Gulf of Thailand
  • South China Sea
  • Tonkin Gulf

Major Landforms

  • Arakhan Range
  • Central Valley
  • Dawna Range
  • Hengduan Mountains
  • Hkakabo Razi
  • Irawaddy River
  • Karen Hills
  • Shan Hills
  • Sittaung River
  • Tenasserim Hills

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