Bon Odori or Bon dance is a Japanese folk dance. The dance was originally intended to welcome the spirits of the dead. Today in Japan, the Bon Odori is unique to the different regions of the country. The music and dance varies from one region to another.

Photo:  Bon Odori (Creative Commons: Ericflexyourhead).

A Bon Odori Performance

Video: Bon Odori performance (source: You Tube).

The Bon Festival

The Bon Odori is performed during the Bon Festival. This festival is held during the summer months. The festival is celebrated in every city in Japan. The festival welcomes the spirits of one’s ancestors. It is a form of remembering the dead. For this reason, the festival takes place at night when the spirits return.

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Webster Gabiana

Sa kuwento ng Bon Odori ay ginanap duringthe Bon festival.

Webster Gabiana

In the story the Bon Odori is performed duringthe bon festival.The story lets us about thedanceing for the dead.The festival is held during the summer.

Ronand Abella

Ang mga ating japan aynag gawa nang festival na sa patay.Ang tawag ay festival ng patay.Diyan sila nag kilala ng kanilang na matay.

Ronand Abella

The dance is made to welcome the spirits of the dead.Bon Odori is only celebrating only in Bon festival.Today Bon Odori is celebrated in another region.They welcome there ancestor in that day.