Northern lights or Aurora Borealis (Visit Finland CC).

The aurora borealis is a colorful light display that occurs in high latitudes. High latitudes mean that it is found in regions near the North Pole. The aurora australis can be found in south polar regions. During these displays, the sky is lit up with patterns of green, blue and red lights.

Photo: Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis (Creative Commons: Visit Finland).

Earth’s Magnetic Field

The earth is surrounded by a magnetic field. The earth’s interior contains molten iron around the planet’s core. As the molten material moves it creates electric currents. In turn, the electric currents create a magnetic field. Thus, the earth is like a giant magnet with north and south magnetic poles.

Night of the Northern Lights Video

Video: Night of the Northern Lights (source: YouTube).

The Solar Wind

The outer layer of the sun is called the corona. It has a temperature of over 1 million degrees Celsius. Particles within the corona are hot and moving at very high speeds. The gravity of the sun cannot hold on to these rapidly moving particles.

As a result, material from the corona streams outwards into space. It obtains speeds of up to 400 kilometers per second. This stream of charged particles creates the solar wind.

Aurora Borealis

The solar wind travels across space and eventually reaches the earth. Most of the charged particles are deflected away from the earth by its magnetic field. However, the magnetic fields at the north and south poles are relatively weak.

As a result, some of the particles in the solar wind enters the earth’s atmosphere. Thus, charged particles from the sun collide with particles in the earth’s atmosphere. These collisions create lights of different colors. This produces the aurora borealis near the north pole. And, the aurora australis is created near the south pole.

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Northern Lights, Northern Lights Centre.


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Webster Gabiana

Ang gamit ay yong ng pa siga sa olaw

Webster Gabiana

THIS ting is a light on snow.
The light is come from space.
The light comes in evry were you can only see it every night.